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Fall 2013 Closet

Truthfully, the obsession for summer clothing--that is flowy sun dresses and high waisted shorts--is well, short-lived for me. I suppose I'm more of a fall/winter gal. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like my time under the sun, it's just, when given the opportunity to shop, my tastes automatically gravitate toward fall/winter pieces. Like, you know, knit jumpers and anoraks and comfy graphic tees made for layering. I just, like it. So much, that I'm already in a sort of shopping mode determined to prepare my closet for my first fall semester in college. With that being said, I made a fashion collage on the ever so stylish Polyvore website. It compiles my dream closet for the fall in a nutshell...kind of.

My casual go to outfits will more or less be composed of a graphic tee--muscle or cropped--matched with outerwear--denim jacket, cardigan, or anorak--along with skinny jeans and my trusty Docs or sneakers...or whatever really, just not flip flops.

As for prints, I've been really in to yin yangs, skulls, daisies, sunflowers, and a bit of tribal prints even. I really want that Iron Man muscle tee from F21, just because he's my favorite Avenger, and the wolf muscle tee (either from F21 or Cotton On, I forgot) because heck, I oughta show 'em that House of Stark pride (which by the way if I ever get my hands on it, I will DIY "Winter is coming" somewhere on there). Brandy Melville (despite being one size only -__-) also have some prints that are just the apple of my eye, such as the moon cat that reminds me of Luna from Sailor Moon.

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