make up: a gradual process

I'm hardly testing the waters when it comes to make up, and despite it being summer (meaning I have a lot more free time on my hands) I still do not look to my decent amount of eye shadows and lipsticks as a hobby. I meddle with it little by little though, like on Sundays, and on less casual-more formal occasions. Last week, I had a photoshoot with a scholarship organization under Toyota (I know, it was pretty cool stuff!). So I had to make my face decent enough to be considered camera ready, har har.

Phase 1 - Basic foundation and a smokey yet neutral eyeshadow.

Phase 2 - That eyeliner wing, which I was pretty surprised to pull off because I don't usually do.

Phase 3 - Eyeliner lining the bottom, which I was also proud of accomplishing since I don't at all like doing it.
I ultimately went without the bottom liner, just because. And the photoshoot was actually at the very cool Toyota Museum, which is unfortunately only open by appointment, but oh man, I wish I brought my camera to just take some pictures! Ah, missed it. And I, along with the other scholarship recipients, were actually required to bring and wear our cap and gowns as part of the shoot, which was pretty stellar because I mean, you just don't get to ever really wear that again.

So yes, here is the end of my attempt at a """beauty post.""" Tah-dah.

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