victoria's secret vs. bath and body works: a coconut & vanilla moisturizer showdown

Ever since I dried out my first tube of VS's Coconut Passion ultra moisturizer, I've craved the scent of vanilla infused with coconut. So I've searched several stores and brands here and there, but the ultimate showdown spotlights these two for me, so I suppose this is more of a review more than anything.

VS Fantasies Ultra Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream in Coconut Passion - $12
Guys, I've found my scent in the VS Coconut Passion moisturizer. The aroma lasts extremely long--to the point of still being able to smell it prior my next day shower. It's has the quintessential balance of coconut and vanilla, and it isn't too fruity and it really isn't too "seductive" compared to the rest of the VS Fantasies line. I find the consistency of this moisturizer very smooth and easy to just apply on my skin--or I suppose skin in general. I mean it pretty much stays true to it's back label description:
"Intensive formula is fortified with repleshning Avocado and sweet almond oils, plus hydrating honey. Massage on for rich, 24-hour moisture, focusing on dry, rough areas. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable."
Yep, I love it.

Bath and Body Work's Signature Vanillas Body Lotion, Coconut - $11
(Except I got mine for only $3 at the semi-annual sale, woop woop!)
While VS's smells more lady-like and classy, BBW's smells more playful and fun-loving, if you were ever to draw adjectives like that from a scent, haha. The essence is ultimately more fruity--meaning coconut, but you can definitely tell the vanilla is there. It doesn't overpower at all, it's just right. It's just to me, the consistency is a little thicker and just a tad but stickier, if that make sense. But that's not enough reason for it to strike out, because, well, it's just fun.

Hopefully this was helpful and informative to anyone who reads it. Well, till my next post!

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