airport affair

Traveling alone is kind of serene and nice. There's a certain quiet that I fall in love with amid the dreary check-in lines, the fuss of airport security, and the view of my plane steady outside the window. Maybe it's the idea of taking-off, of flying and defying gravity, of sharing the space with the clouds.

I sat next to a nice lady who, like me, was going home. She was going to see and spend the holidays with her sister, she said. And that's pretty much all I know. I didn't try to converse much. I had been up since four in the morning, and before that I really only had two hours of sleep. So yeah, despite how short the flight was, I actually used it to catch up on sleep...which was nice except my neck suffered a little bit. Also I was pretty impressed when instead of the airline staple snack, a.k.a. honey roasted peanuts, I was served a cutesy little platter of LYFE organic snacks (in this case, it was sliced apples, a wittle muffin, sunflower seeds, and chia ricotta).

Of course landing is a different story.

Because this literally happened, and I got a little grumpy when after I landed, I called my brother to ask where they they were and he responded "haha we're just leaving right now h a h a." That's just family for ya.

I'm just glad to be back home again.

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