sweater weather series: ii. humdrum

beanie: target | berkeley sweter: joy's | denim button up: f21
jeans: urban outfitters | doc martens

Here's to the casual sweaters, pull-overs, and hoodies, that are as classic just as they are simple, and most importantly warm and cozy.

Today's casual adventures lead my friends and I on a bus ride to Emeryville for Wingstop and Target. We figured, after an hour-long wait at the bus stop for the F bus, that we've invested too much of our time waiting for the bus that not getting Wingstop would only result to terribly, terribly spent Saturday. Finally our public carriage decided to show up and after a forty minute ride filled with frequent stops and a game of iPhone charades, we found ourselves basking in the awesomeness that is Target. I only really bought a couple of girly necessities and a pair of really, really fun and wicked slippers.

A.k.a. my favorite pair of shoes to stomp around in.

Because playing around with collars make a humdrum sweater not so humdrumy.

Oh, and remember when I said I bought a pair of wicked slippers? Well, yep. Here they are.

Also, in other news, I revved up my wall from what it was back in a post I did in August.


  1. I loveeeeee how you edit your photos!

  2. Think I spent the last 5 minutes admiring your wall without blinking! ♥_♥