beanie baby: badgermole and weather stuff

this is literally the result of me exposing myself of taking a selfie on my macbook by forgetting to press mute, lol

So I bought this badass beanie today and I'm really enjoying it. I think I got it on a half-off sale too? I'm really not sure, I just looked at the receipt and I'm pretty sure I be honest the purchase was cumulative to shopping out of impulse and the weather being really cold outside.

Also, I would just like to say that I am doing relatively well with dressing up for NorCal weather--especially this week man, the weather was just out of sorts. It was okay for one day, then for two days straight it rained, then okay again, then about weather confused? Literally. I have yet to invest in a coat, but so far so good, so I could hold off till black friday(heh).

With my first semester of college coming to a close, the """feels""" have been getting pretty surreal. I still have not yet fully come into terms that I am a college student, and above that a college student going to UC Berkeley. I cannot even begin to tell you how coming here has become the ultimate humbling experience--and I mean that in the most amazing way.

All that aside though, I honestly cannot wait to go home for Thanksgiving. I haven't seen my family in three months and I have not lived my old Carson life in three months. I have definitely undergone rapid shifts in perspective. I've essentially just been exposed to the actuality of living on my own and it has taught me so much about myself, that it needs to be on another post, haha.

I suppose this serves as a sort of update on my life. To be continued, I guess.

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