letter to self

from one of my favorite word blogs -  http://word-stuck.tumblr.com/

Where did you put it all? 

The creativity, 
the spunk, 
the madness, 
the desire, 
the spontaneity, 
the inspiration. 


I understand you've found yourself in the flurry of all that is college and adulthood, but seriously now, what happened? Maybe taking a step back was necessary, maybe. But did it ever occur to you that maybe you took one step too many? So much so that you're even too lazy to do something you used to enjoy? You used to find your heart in? It's just not right. 

It's just not right that you've allowed yourself to wallow in the mounds of your blankets and pillows. It's not right that you've secured yourself in the confines of comfort and safety. It's not right that you've substituted your desire to explore and discover for the overcast shadows of the curtains of your dorm room. 

I know you need rest. I know you need retention. And I'm not asking that you prioritize your passions above all else, but seriously now. I need you to realize what you have done to yourself. I need you to see exactly just how much you've numbed your own need to be yourself. 

It's time to be alive again.

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