outfit of the night: big game lights

This is quite the late post, but...hmmm...better late than never.

About a  week ago was my first Big Game Week at Cal, a.k.a. the week leading up to the notorious Cal vs. Stanford game. There were various rallies and events everyday, and as spirited as the student body is at Cal, I never actually found myself at such golden occasions--I guess they just weren't my thing and for the most part it was actually a pretty busy week. But what I did find exceptionally mesmerizing was the way that the campus bled blue and gold--the way the trees leading to Sather gate glowed, how both Wheeler and Doe had light rays that shot up, and how the Campinile displayed a variety of projections.

Meet the raddest people: Dome, Marvin, and Nikki. <3
The Campinile 

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